Featherhorned Longicorn(Piesarthrius marginellus). About 15 mm long, this attractive brown longicorn had flabellate antennae. The body had pale markings. Head and throax had short dense pale setae.

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This creepy organism is a Sea Pen, a soft coral that expels all the water from itself and disappears into the sand as a defensive mechanism when touched.

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Strange Neutrinos from the Sun Detected for the First Time

An underground neutrino detector has found particles produced by the fusion of two protons in the sun’s core

Deep inside the sun pairs of protons fuse to form heavier atoms, releasing mysterious particles called neutrinos in the process. These reactions are thought to be the first step in the chain responsible for 99 percent of the energy the sun radiates, but scientists have never found proof until now. For the first time, physicists have captured the elusive neutrinos produced by the sun’s basic proton fusion reactions…



(2/2) From Nikolay Nikolov’s series Minimalistic Sofia (via CityLab)

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Tourists, residents and vendors crowd the Temple Street night market, a popular street bazaar selling everything from electronics to trinkets and antiques, clothes and watches in Hong Kong’s Kowloon district on August 26, 2014. (Alex Ogle/AFP/Getty Images)

Itt lehet kapni Osama bin Ladenes felvarrót.

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baby love

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sprinkles party

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The Cutest Little Sniffer

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(via 500px / Larger Than Life……….. by Ritesh Nangare)
*Black Backed Kingfisher

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Playing cards by grijsz on Flickr.

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